Website Translation

A service for every business

If your business is looking to translate or localise your website, Fluency has the linguistic and technical experience to help you reach new markets.

Fully supported

We can work directly with your website agency to ensure smooth delivery of your translations.

A service designed for all

Technical skills are not required. Fluency will help your business obtain its website content.

We can handle anything

Fluency works with any CMS, API, JAMStack or static site. We have processes in place for all website types.

SEO friendly

You want your business to be found. Our linguists can use SERP tools to ensure good SEO.

Language and Technology

Fluency wants to approach website translation differently from some other language service providers. We are a technical language service provider, which means we will use tools such as Regular Expression to filter out non-translatable content, including markup. We will use our understanding of both languages and technology to be cost-efficient without sacrificing quality. Your content is always translated by native speakers and always of the highest quality. We will use your word lists and terms and follow any requirements to make your website looks great in any language whilst following your brand guidelines.

Designed to support you

Localisation and translation of a website can feel out of reach for many businesses. Fluency understands this, so we designed this service. Whether you have a static site generator in .NET or website created by an agency that you paid for, we have a solution for you. We will work with you directly, or your marketing agency or website developer, to help make sure we can efficiently localise and translate. We will not charge extra to support you through your website translation journey; all quotes are non-binding and free.

Translations for all website types

Image showing icons from
                             various CMS systems such as WordPress.


If your content is in a content management system such as WordPress, Fluency can translate your content in various ways. We work with you and your web agencies.


Any file format that your CMS or framework exports, such as XLIFF or XML.


Translations sent and received via an API such as Webhooks, a CMS and Zapier.

Dynamic sites

We handle dynamic websites such as PHP or API-driven JAMStack with care and attention. Fluency filters out any variables in its word counts, can translate into a mixture of files and will take time to understand your content to give you the best service.

Static sites & more

Fluency can work with many systems and set-ups, including static HTML and web-based translation tools. Contact us to see if we can help you.


Are quotes free?


All quotes that Fluency provides are free. In addition, if you require a plugin to get your content or support, Fluency will help provide this for you without any commitment or charge.

Will you work with my web designer?


Fluency will happily work with any third parties you require. For example, we can work directly with your marketing company or marketing agency. Fluency is also happy to work with several parties to ensure that your website reaches new markets properly, such as your internal departments and marketing agency.

Will you use machine translation? Can you review pre-translated work?


Often Fluency will see a machine translation output, a translation by a native speaker internal to a company or a combination of these. Fluency is happy to review translations and use your MT output (unless it is bad). Fluency offers several different translation services, including human translation and machine translation, with several checking options.

How do you work out the word count?


To get an accurate quote, we will need all the content of your website. Fluency can help you with this. Fluency will also reduce costs and take time to understand your content and may provide suggestions.

I don't have a budget yet, can you help?


We can! We often get businesses that are just looking around because they have not decided how to budget for a website translation yet. Fluency will do everything to support your company in this step.

Can you translate the copy I already have?


If you have any file format such as XLIFF, XML, CSV or JSON and want us to quote based on that, we can. But, of course, we can also work with just plain copy in a spreadsheet or text document. Please note that you can expect to get the most accurate quote by giving Fluency your content in the format you want it to be delivered in.

Technology at Fluency
Fluency uses the latest technology and processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective translations.