Translation for Website Agencies

Designed for agencies

As a website agency, developer or marketing agency, your clients rely on you to market and showcase their services and products in the best way possible. Our linguists ensure your clients' content stays on brand and is localised correctly.

White branding

Fluency offers white-branded services. Offer new services to your clients without investment.


Make your client stand out. Fluency can work with SERP tools and predetermined SEO terms.

Zero technical barriers

No matter which framework, Fluency can support it. We have processes in place for all website types.

ISO standards

High-quality translations are important to your client. Fluency follows ISO 17100:2015 and 18587:2017.

Supporting you to support your client

Regardless of whether you are an agency new to offering website localisation for your client or have helped develop this into a standard service, Fluency has many options to help support you and your client. Each project is different, and no agency must have a minimum order or commitment to use Fluency’s localisation services. Entering a new market is a big task. It is essential that your branding comes across whilst remaining faithful to the localisation. Fluency only uses native speakers who understand the subject, and we follow ISO standards. If you have a glossary of terms, we can work with it. We designed this service to understand that offering translation services to your client can be difficult, whether as a service or to help them reach new markets. We have built an internal framework to help support you and your client.

Language meets technology

Language is one of two crucial aspects of website translation services. You rely on us to understand your client’s needs in terms of budget, technical restrictions, and linguistics. Fluency believes that to offer website translation, you need to be supportive in obtaining and delivering the content. We can handle exports with lots of tags, large file sizes, and technical requirements. We do not charge for repeating content such as buttons, markup, or anything else other LSPs might miss. If you decide to use Fluency long term, we can reduce your client’s charges even further for new translations.

However it's developed, Fluency has tools for it

Data Exchange

Whether your client is using JAMStack with a pre-/post-processor, headless CMS or a standard framework, we can use any standard data-exchange format.


XML, CSV, TSV, YAML, JSON, XLIFF/XLF, RESX, gettext (PO), Markdown

Standard Sites

Fluency can work with the input or output pipeline from static site generators and standard website content such as HTML or JAMStack sites with JavaScript objects.


HTML, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, JAMStack


Fluency is happy to use any CMS exports or work directly with plugins required to help localise your client's website. We support anything from WordPress to a headless CMS.


WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Adobe Experience Manager


If your client consumes content with an API or wishes to have content translated using an API, then Fluency can help. In addition, we can work with WebHooks.


Zapier, REST, SOAP, GraphQL

Even if you don't see your client's exact set-up, Fluency can work with your content.


How does quoting work?


We can quote either you or your client directly. Usually, we work with each agency on a case-by-case basis. We also provide optional white branding for agencies that want to offer translations to their clients as a service.

Will you use machine translation?


Fluency offers many different services based on the client's needs and budget. For example, Fluency will not use machine translation without agreement first. Usually, we would recommend a mixture of machine translation, our translation memories, and human translation for a larger project. Fluency has several different checking methods too.

We have a list of SEO terms, a glossary of definitions or branding guidelines. Can you use them?


Yes, Fluency will happily ensure that our linguist uses anything you give us. In addition, we might make suggestions where appropriate based on the feedback from our linguist. We will use these for all translations. In addition, if combined with other translations, such as marketing material, we will use previous translations to give you further discounts.

How do you work out the word count?


To get an accurate quote, we will need all the content of your website. Fluency can help you with this. Fluency will also reduce costs and take time to understand your content and may provide suggestions. We take a technical approach to translations, so please feel free to speak to us directly about connectors, APIs and CMSes.

The client doesn't have a budget yet. Can you help?


Of course. We often get businesses just looking around because they have not decided how to budget for a website translation yet. Fluency will do everything to support your business with this. We are happy to discuss your options considering technical and linguistic factors.

Can you translate the text we already have?


If you have any file format such as XLIFF, XML, CSV or JSON and want us to quote based on that, we can. But, of course, we can also work with just plain text in a spreadsheet or text document. Please note that you can expect to get the most accurate quote by giving Fluency the content in the format you want it to be delivered in.

Technology at Fluency
Fluency uses the latest technology and processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective translations.