Subtitling Services

More than subtitles

Whether you need translation of existing subtitles or closed captions, transcription or transcribing services without translation, or want post-editing of AI-generated subtitles, we have services to cater for all scenarios.


Fluency offers AI subtitle generation with human editing to get you fast turnaround times and accurate subtitles.

More than SRT

Fluency can work with many different file formats and always offers the same high quality.

Always high quality

Whether monolingual or translated subtitles, Fluency always uses native speakers for subtitling services.

No job is too small

Our services are for all - Fluency's subtitling services are available for any job size.

AI-powered, human-backed

For some languages such as English, German, French and many others, Fluency offers AI-powered transcribing and transcription services. Our AI-powered services always use a human editor at the end. We always provide time coded subtitles for our AI-powered service. By mixing the best of technology and manual processes, Fluency can offer competitive return times and pricing.

An array of services

Fluency offers a broad mix of services for subtitling. We offer services from monolingual subtitling and closed captioning to translation of existing subtitles/closed captions. We work within your requirements and will make suggestions on the best service. If you're not sure what you need or don't think you see your service, then please contact us and we will be able to help.


What file formats do you support?


We support all the standard files: .STL, .ESY, .X32, .PAC, .CIN, .AYA, .890, .XIF, .CIP, .RAC, .CHK, .CAP, .ULT, .USF, .L32, .TIT, .ST4, .ST7, .SRT, .SSA, .VTT, .TTXT, .PSB, .RT, .SSF, .ASS, .USF. If your file format is not listed there, please contact us as we can still help. We also accept any video files.

I don't need translation, just transcription or transcribing. Can you help?


Yes. If you require a video to be transcribed for either closed captions or subtitles without any translation, Fluency is happy to offer this. We also offer transcriptions of videos.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?


Closed captions provide extra information to the viewer that supplements the subtitles. Closed captioning shows information such as background noises and music. Subtitle: All of a sudden, there she appeared. Closed caption: (dramatic music)[Narrator] All of a sudden, there she appeared. Subtitles and closed captions can also be translated to help viewers who speak other languages or be created in the same language as the content.

Can you provide AI-based transcribing services?


Yes. Fluency offers this as standard for some languages; human checks are standard for all subtitling services. We send transcriptions back to you in a time-coded file format. Usually, AI-based transcribing services are in the language of the speakers in the video. However, we can provide various services to fit your requirements and budget if you need a translation service afterwards. We do not translate using AI unless you have requested this service.

Technology at Fluency
Fluency uses the latest technology and processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective translations.