Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Always look right in any language

Showcase your marketing and informational material in all markets and languages. Fluency's DTP service ensures a high-quality translation whilst keeping your layouts the same.

Platform agnostic

All software is welcome. Fluency supports any open-source, Mac-only or industry-standard software.


Fluency is AI-powered. Fluency can take non-editable PDFs and offer translations with quick turnarounds.

Professionals only

Fluency only allows professionals. Only linguists and designers who are native speakers edit your content.

Layout handling

Fluency will make sure your branding stays on point. Move between LTR and RTL whilst keeping your layout the same.

Perfection is standard

Homoglyphs and encoding can be a big issue when it comes to localising your DTP project. However, Fluency's QA process already includes these checks for every project. Fluency's DTP specialists only work on your content if they are native speakers of the target language of your project; this is on top of the standard processes Fluency has for picking native speakers for translation and revision. When you are moving to a different script or writing style, or moving to fonts that contain the glyphs you need, you know that Fluency has a robust system in place.

We can handle anything

For non-editable graphics, we use a mixture of specialists who can re-create your assets with the localised copy. We also use AI to help enhance our process for extracting text from your non-editable files such as PDFs. We can work with exports from any DTP application, including open-source, Mac-only, Windows and cloud-based services. We also work with DiTA and XML files too, such as those from Adobe InCopy.


How do you charge?


Charging for the DTP aspect of the project is based on the file(s) you send to us and what is required. For example, suppose you send us an editable format such as IDML, Fluency charges per page. On the other hand, we charge per hour if you send us non-editable images that need a translation. Each DTP job is different, and Fluency always works hard to offer you the most cost-effective solutions. We will provide you with various suggestions for both the DTP and translation.

How do you handle fonts?


Fonts are a complicated matter when it comes to DTP design. If you have fonts designed in-house that you're willing to share, we will use those; if not, we will use the closest match. Fluency can also use any fonts available in macOS, Windows or Adobe Fonts. When we move character sets, our designers will use a close match where appropriate.

How do you handle text expansion or contraction?


Fluency's designers will ensure your text looks correct after translation. Our designers always balance your brand, the existing layout and the translated text. Therefore, you do not have to accept delivery of the final file until you are happy.

Can you use SaaS services like Figma and Sketch?


Yes. Fluency has a process to help with our App Localisation service for developers looking to localise their app designs. If you use services like Sketch for more traditional DTP projects, we can take these on.

Will you translate my copy without DTP services?


Yes. Some businesses have an in-house design team or a third-party contract. Fluency is happy to translate just the text from your files. However, we recommend only a native speaker handle the DTP work.

My DTP project is in Microsoft Word; is this okay?


Yes. Your DTP project can be in any app or service you like. For example, if it is in Microsoft Word, we might reduce the cost even further for you based on the complexity.

Our DTP process is data-exchange based; can I still use this service?


Yes. If you send us XML-, HTML- or JSON-based DTP projects where you have strict requirements for the length of strings and delimiters but do not require layout to be handled by us, then we will not charge for a DTP-based service.

Can you translate PDFs?


Fluency has technical and manual processes in place for PDF translations. However, we strongly recommend always giving us an editable file to get the most cost-effective translations.

Technology at Fluency
Fluency uses the latest technology and processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective translations.