App Localisation

Localise your app easily

Regardless of your tech stack, you have strings that need localising to reach new markets. Fluency has linguists experienced in ensuring your app comes to new markets in the best way possible.

App store localisation

Get a total solution. Localise your app store listings and other marketing with your app.

Only high quality

We only know high quality. Fluency follows ISO 17100:2015, 18587:2017 and 27001 standards.

Specialised tools

Fluency has specialised tools for app localisation. We can ensure your localisation fits your UI correctly.

File handling

Fluency can translate any content. We can translate using API, databases and data-exchange formats.

A total solution

Your apps can be written in any language and use any technology stack. From JavaScript to Swift, we have the language and technical skills to help you localise your app. Cost and quality are key – budgets are tight, but quality is vital. We reduce your chargeable word count using Regular Expressions and pre-translation with our gigabytes of stored text strings. We can also help you localise your marketing material and app store listing. We will also use the translations for your app to help reduce this cost even further, so your app can always appear at home from screenshots to release notes. Fluency will discuss your requirements and offer you suggestions to ensure you always have the best value, high-quality translations.

Design first or code first

If you prefer to work with your design team and get those strings sorted before going through to development, Fluency can help. If you decide to get your strings translated later on, Fluency can make sure to fit within strict requirements for encoding and length of text. We know that users do not like truncated text.

APIs welcome

You can also send translations, post-editing, or other content to us with your API. We can send them back how you like, including with an API. As Fluency takes every project individually, we can offer you different approaches; contact us to discuss your requirements. Like all projects, you will continue to receive the benefits of translation memories, glossaries and bulk discounts.

Design first ready

Prototype to translation

Many app designs start from prototyping. Fluency can use exports from your favourite plugins or services that export data-exchange formats for software such as Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

Looks good in every language

For standardised files such as RESX and .strings, we can ensure that we fit requirements for string lengths and make suggestions.

For some UI frameworks such as WinUI, WPF, VB6 forms and Embarcadero (Delphi/C++), our linguists can visually edit your apps.

Localise store listings and marketing

Fluency can localise all the materials important for your app, such as your store listings, subtitles in videos and other marketing material.

Cost-effective technology

Fluency's cost-effectiveness comes from understanding the technological and linguistic context of strings of text in your applications. We have a robust system to ensure that you can get the best value from any translation.

Multilevel parsing

Fluency will parse multiple levels of content, such as Markdown and HTML in JSON, so you only pay for the content that is being translated.

Variables & handlebars

Handlebars and variables, including delimited placeholders and Markdown, are taken out of the word count.

Regular Expression

Fluency will use its technical linguistic skills to filter out non-programmatic content such as brand names and introduce more contextual repetitions, where they make sense.

Translation Memories

Fluency understands that your app will have standard repeating terms used within the same context many times. We have a robust internal system to filter out these sorts of words. We also use pre-existing translation memories to pre-translate common words.

Machine Translation

Your app's readability is essential, but so is your budget. Fluency offers several different options for machine translation, including hybrid approaches. We also know that many developers like to use machine translation first. Fluency provides a plethora of post-editing options.


Can we use a Git repository?


Fluency can easily take your localisation files from your git repo and create a pull request to deliver them.

We already use a CAT tool in our process. Can you help?


Yes, if you are using memoQ or Trados Studio, or you wish to send us SDLXLIFF or XLIFF files. If you want to send us a CAT tool project, we might want to make changes to your project set-up to make it the most cost-effective; we will discuss this with you when working on your project.

Will you post-edit our machine-translated content?


Maybe, this depends on the quality of the output of the translation. Fluency is more than happy to offer post-editing if our linguists agree to its quality. We also provide free Machine Translation with our Post-Editing service. We will discuss your requirements when you place your project with us.

We have a list of terms and pre-translated content. Can we use it?


We accept a list of terms in any file format you wish, although we recommend a data-exchange file. For example, we can make your terms into standardised TBX (TermBase eXchange) or TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) files.

If you have already carried out translations (to a high standard), we can use those translations to make TMXs and reduce your word count further.

Do we still get the same benefits when using our API for translations?


If you have an API you wish to use for us to get your translations and then upload them again, we are happy to do this. We still give you the same cost-effectiveness no matter how you send your content to us.

Quotation for translations via an API is different based on whether pre-determined translations or WebHooks are being used for regular content.

Can we give you character limits?


Yes, you can give Fluency any character limitations to ensure that text fits correctly. Our linguists will suggest localised variations. We will work directly with you to ensure your users have a correctly localised user experience.

Technology at Fluency
Fluency uses the latest technology and processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective translations.