Privacy & Transparency Policy

Fluency Language Services Ltd has a robust system in place to protect your privacy. These privacy and transparency policies are general to how Fluency conducts business and the use of the website.

Fluency believes that transparency is the best way to conduct business in the 21st century. Therefore, we will not inform you of our policies with legalese (we're a language company, after all!) and suspicious copy and pasted text. If you require clarification, we encourage you to e-mail us at any time.

You can view our Cookie policy here - but before you do, let's save you a trip. We do not use Cookies. We believe your privacy is a right. Everything about how Fluency operates is on this basis.

We do not use any services that set third-party cookies either. Fluency designed and made this website in-house. Therefore, we were careful to not rely on third-party services where possible.

Fluency does not use client-side analytics. We do not track you between sessions or websites.

E-mail marketing
Fluency will never send e-mail marketing. Fluency experiences this too and we are less likely to use services from businesses that send us personalised spam. We never will send this out. We also reports domains to DNSBL.

Storage of data
Simply put, your data is only stored in the UK, unless it ends up in another country for translation services.

General Data Protection Act/General Data Protection Regulation
Fluency offers GDPR (or otherwise known by the EU directive, General Data Protection Regulation) requests to those outside the UK, EU and EEA. We believe every person and business has a right to know what information we store about them and the right to deletion requests.

Where we operate
Fluency is an online company based in the UK and founded in Nottingham. We have linguists, subtitlers, DTP specialists and a whole array of others working across the world.

Fluency offers pricing in GBP and EUR.

If you have any questions, please contact us at