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Fluency Language Services is taking away the difficulties of translation procurement.

Modern requirements mean that cost-effective, technically competent translations are essential to your business. Developing and building our tools in-house allows us to offer our services as efficiently as possible.

From a complicated database to a simple Word document, Fluency works with businesses worldwide.

ISO 27001

Your data is always safe

ISO 17100:2015

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ISO 18587:2017

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Quality Control

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Fluency believes that every single language service should be carried out to the highest quality.

We follow ISO standards
Our linguists all work to the ISO 17100:2015 and 18587:2017 standards, which means that even if you order a service without revision, we will always use the same high-quality linguists.

Fluency also follows ISO 27001 for security.
Smart pricing
Language services should be more than just taking your content, throwing it into an automated process and handing out expensive quotes.

Fluency uses more than just a price list; our services are dynamically discounted so that you always get the most cost-effective solution.
Robust processes
Unfortunately, some LSPs do not have the infrastructure or processes to be able to handle essential modern workloads such as update jobs and desktop publishing.

We review our internal processes every month to ensure our services are as efficient as possible.
Fluency has developed its tools internally. Whether a small project with a couple of lines in Word or a massive website translation, we can handle your projects efficiently and keep your costs down.

We also continue to research more effective Machine Translation and use AI to aid Subtitling and DTP services.

Every and any file

Our quality assurance also extends to how we handle your files, how they are processed and how we make sure you can use them.

Processing your files

Fluency does not manipulate your source files directly. However, sometimes linguists need access to your text differently, so Fluency will use its specialist software and CAT tool processes to make this possible.

We go to great lengths to ensure that we can cut down your word counts and make it easier for our linguists to work with your files. However, we do not believe that we need to do this by manipulating your source files directly. This means that we can reduce the number of issues, such as encoding and formatting in your source files. Fluency's internal processes are cut down significantly.


We will not change your files' original encoding unless it's needed in order to incorporate new character sets. We check for this as part of the QA process. If you have encoding requirements please let us know. Fluency will always accommodate these requests.

Fluency has seen that many LSPs cannot handle encoding issues and do not check for them as part of their process. We want to be different; we only want to deliver high-quality translations that can actually be used in your database and be understood by native speakers.

Homoglyphs are a big issue for some LSPs when translating into languages such as Hindi where two characters make a third; it is crucial for Desktop Publishing. Your poster has to make sense regardless of encoding or writing style.


As part of Fluency's commitment to security, whenever we send deliverables, we also send them with an MD5 hash—a mathematical representation of a file.

You can always be sure that no one has manipulated your file between us delivering it and when you open it. We also use MD5 hashes internally to ensure we have the correct version of files from our linguist.

Technology at Fluency
Fluency uses the latest technology and processes to ensure high-quality and cost-effective translations.